Daily Deposit ( PIGMY) Scheme


Daily Deposit ( PIGMY) Scheme

The advantage in opening a Daily Deposit Account (PIGMY) that the depositor would be able to save certain sums in daily basis so that he / she would be able to meet an anticipated liability /obligation after the end of a specified period.

Any person or persons approved by the Bank.
Co-operative Societies, Registered Trust, Institutions and Associations.
By two or more persons in their joint names.
By a natural guardian i.e. father or mother approved by the bank on behalf of a minor

Minimum Deposit to invest -   Rs.10/- per day. ( max. Rs. 5000/- per day)


Interest will be paid on the deposits at the rates in force as per the Reserve Bank's directive from time to time. Interest amount will be paid at the time of maturity

Loan against deposit

80% Loan against deposit amount is available


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