Gold Loan

Gold is as good as money. This is very much true with our gold loan scheme. When in need of immediate funds for a wedding, education, medical exigencies, business etc. do not sell your gold. Simply bring it to us and get a glittering deal.


  • For short term fund requirements like business, wedding, education, medical expenses etc except speculative, illegal or unlawful purposes.

Who Can Borrow

  • Any individual who is the lawful owner of the Gold Jewellery

Nature Of Facility

  • Demand loan/ Bullet payment / Overdraft for a period of one year without monthly reduction, unless otherwise specified under a particular scheme.

Loan Amount

  • Maximum Rs. 2,00,000/-
  • Minimum Rs. 15000/-


  • 60 to 75 % of gold value

Interest And Charges

  • Interest and other charges as per bank’s policy

Documents Required

  • Photograph , PAN and KYC documents of borrower
  • Declaration of ownership of jewellery offered as security for the loan.
  • Other declarations and undertakings by the borrower and any other documents that may be specified by the Bank.

To apply for Gold Loan, please download the below listed form and submit it to your nearest branch